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How Much Can You Tow...

Date: 3/9/2013
Author: Andrew Shoushanian

 2013 Ford RV and Trailer Towing Guide

Versacom, Inc. has completed development of the 2013 Ford RV & Trailer Towing Guide
for Ford’s Retailer Education and Training group (RE&T).
The RV & Trailer Towing Guide is an important tool for dealers and fleet operators when
spec’ing and purchasing vehicles for use in recreational and trailer towing applications.
We have implemented a “just-in-time” development process that measurably improves
the availability and access of 2013 RV and Trailer Towing information. This enables us
to deliver product and towing guides by vehicle line, as they become available to Ford,
for viewing on the web.
This improves the timeliness and usefulness of the critical information dealers and fleet
operators need to work with customers in this important segment of the market.
Most importantly, having this information on a timely basis will allow customers to
properly equip the right vehicle for their recreation and commercial needs.