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Ford TCEP (Technician Career Entry Programs)

Date: 1/12/2015
Author: Andrew Shoushanian
Ford TCEP (Technician Career Entry Programs)
Versacom Inc. is pleased to be the provider of extensive marketing support services to Ford TCEP, for the second consecutive year.
TCEP provides technical training that allows students (future automotive technicians) to earn while they learn as they receive hands on and classroom training in preparation for a career in the automotive industry.  This is accomplished through several training programs including: 
ASSET – Automotive Student Service Education Training
FACT – Ford Accelerated Credential Training
MLR – Maintenance and Light Repair 
YAATC – Youth and Adult Automotive Training Center
Specific marketing services provided by Versacom include:
• Creative, Editorial and Art Production
• Support for TCEP activities at NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) 
• Development and Production of all Print Materials
• Sourcing of All Promotional and Incentive Merchandise
These services help build and reinforce the TCEP brand and the services provided to students.
Our credentials and experience, as well as our understanding of the dealer service environment, make us particularly well-suited to execute our responsibilities for this important initiative.